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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Summer Holiday

Hi there, 

We were on holiday. I like to share some pictures with you. We traveled in Switzerland and Germany. It was beautiful. Sometimes the weather was a bit bad but it was still nice. Our holiday started from the 1st of July.

Let the journey begins.

The 1st of  we were in Winterthur. We went with our son and my DIL and her parents for my birthday for lunch at a Mexican Restaurant . 

Mmmmm, yummy Tuco's

Verena and me

The 2nd of July, my husband and I went to Zermatt. We have a wonderful and beautiful hotel and stayed overnight. It rained on Monday, but did not bother us because we were swimming the rest of the afternoon. 

The Spa

Tuesday we explored Zermatt and went up the Matterhorn. What a picture. We were happy to see the Matterhorn, typically it is covert with clouds, there are people who have been there 3 times and each time Matterhorn was covered with clouds. 

This view from our room.

On our way up

Here we are 3883m high. We are in the Glacier Palace. Each scene has had lights and every time the lights change colors. It was cold but after the out side heat it was pleasant to cool off inside the palace.

This was the Black See, beautiful view.

Here we were on a steamer on the Lake Thun. It was cloudy but sometimes you could see the Alps, it was such a pleasant picture. We went to Interlaken with the train and back with the steamer to Thun.

Here we are in Stein am Rhein. What a beautiful old town and all the buildings are painted so beautifully. My husband and I will go there again. We were short on time, and we will love to go again to the Rhein falls, but it will be for the next time. 

We stayed over at Verena and Remo. This is the view from their home.

We joined Verena and Remo and went to Germany. This Island is called the "Insel Mainau". The Island has a castle plus beautiful gardens. In Spring it is filled with Tulips, Daffodil's and other flowers. In the summer time it has most beautiful roses and Lilies. At the end of August the dahlias bloom.

The there are the butterfly house with beautiful butterflies. It is so hot inside. There are a palm house, in spring it is filled with beautiful Orgidee's, now in the summer it is open for weddings and other receptions.

I like this waterfall in spring with all the Tulips and Daffodil's. 

View over Bodensee 

The rose gardens

The German word for this flower is "Passionsblume"

The German word for this flower is "Korallenstrauch"

Beautiful trees

The butterflies

This cross is at the entrance of the island

The Castle, with the Chapel and behind the castle are the palm house and rose gardens

Here we are in Lucern. I think since we first lived in Canton Lucerne it remains my favorite city. This is the famous wooden bridge over the Lucerne Lake. Each spring and summer the bridge is decorated with flowers.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a nice summer holiday!

Happy Crafting!!


  1. Rachelle, You were in my OLD neck of the woods. I lived in Deutchland back in the 80's and 90's. I really miss it. I enjoy all your pictures escpecially the Lucerne bridge and all the unusual flowers!

  2. Hi Carol, nice to meet you! Are you still living in Europa? Thanks for your kind feedback!


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