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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Really not my week!!!

What a week? This was really not my week!!

I had to go shopping on Monday. When I got to my car the right side of my car's bumper was badly scratched. My neighbor can not park very good and he scratched my car when he park his car. He did not came and said i scratched your car and I am sorry. 

That afternoon I went to them and his wife was alone at home. She knows nothing (of course). I asked her to please tell her husband we would like to see him that evening.
No word form him. My husband and i went to them later that evening. I told him we were there about my car. He told us he can not understand what happened and bla bla bla...... I told him to came with us to the garage and see for himself. 

Meanwhile, I have taken pictures of my car and his car, you never know!  He then looked at my car and said he could not understand how it happened because he felt nothing. I ask you, how do you not feel you bump another car. He also wanted to know from me, what he must do now. Halloooooo, call your insurance and ask them.

Well, we now have a letter from his insurance. They will come for a quote, If I didn't say anything, he would not have the decency to at least come to say sorry I have scratched your car.

This is my car, need a wash after this winter.

My neighbors car, as you can see he is used to bumped into things.

My husband and i would have flown to London today. We had to cancel our plane tickets and cancel our hotel. We are still waiting for our passports. Friday we saw on the online tracking that the passports is ready. We  paid extra fees for express mail so we had the passports Friday afternoon. 

Well, we are still waiting. We hope that the passport will arrived on Monday before 12h00. They were very friendly at the hotel. They will book us from Monday to the following weekend and when our passports did not arrived before 12h00 we can call them and they will cancel our booking.

Why do you have to show your flight ticket and hotel bookings and at the end your passport did not arrived in time. The best is if you call them to find out where your passport is, you need your credit card, before they pick the phone up. Each time it cost Fr. 14,00 and all they say to you is sorry they do not know where the passport is. This is just one big money making story. 

So let's see if the passports arrived on Monday before 12h00.
Have n nice weekend!!

Happy Crafting!

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