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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Let's have some hopping fun!

Leap around the world Let's Scrap blog hop.
As you all know we are 50 blogs hopping around. We will love if you join us in the fun! All the card sketches are made by DebbyD on Let's Scrap.

I start hopping around and here are some of the cards I made.

This sketch is on my blog 8-19-09, LEAP31

40th Birthday 
I made this card and used Bo Bunny - Time Piece paper

This Sketch was posts on Chelsey Davis blog. Chelsey is LEAP49 on the blog hop.

5-20-09, LEAP49

Best Wishes
This is the card I made, I used Bo Bunny - Sophie

                    This sketch was posts on Andrea Green blog. Andrea is LEAP27 on the blog hop.

4-21-10, LEAP27

All because two people fell in Love
This is the card i made, i used plain card stock, brads and Bo Bunny - Time Piece cut-outs
I used Decorating Paste on the plain card stock 

 This sketch was posts on Chriss America Real blog. Chriss is LEAP40 on the blog hop.

5-19-10, LEAP40

Shop till you drop
This is the card i made. I used Bo Bunny - Peacock Lane

I made a pocket inside where I can place money in for the person who are going to shop.

This sketch was posts on Carolina Garrido blog. Carolina is LEAP30 on the blog hop.

5-18-11, LEAP30

Jy is a ster.
This is the card i made, I used plain card stock a few star brads. I used the fluff and iron a star stemple.  

This sketch was posts on Heather Hunt blog. Heather is LEAP41 on the blog hop.

5-10-09, LEAP41

You're not getting older, you're getting better.
This is the card I made, I used Bo Bunny - Alissa

Thanks for the visit, hope to see your take on my blog card 8-19-09, LEAP31 soon on Let's Scrap.
Have fun ladies!!

Happy Crafting!

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