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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Important information for those taking part in the Blog Hop

Hello Everyone
We are so thrilled with the response that we have had for the Blog Hop.  I have never in my life seen so many beautiful cards. Way to go ladies.
We have run into a couple of problems that I wanted to make you aware of.
First - As you know one of the rules of the hop is that you have to be a member of Let's Scrap in order to be entered into the draws but in some cases the Blog Hosts are having problems verifying this. Some of the people leaving them comments are using different names then they used to sign up for Let's Scrap.  Because of these nicknames/different names they have no idea who the person is.  If you are one of those people who's name is different could you please send Betty Ann an email at and tell her the name you go by on Let's Scrap and also the name that you commented with.   If your name is the same in both places you don't have to contact Betty Ann. 
Second - we have been having a problem with a Ning computer glitch.  At times the link that you copy and pasted from your card and posted in the comment section on the blog isn't necessarily the right link.  It seems to happen when you are copy and pasting several cards in a row.  The link for one card may remain the same when you click to the next card. So when you post that link on the blog it may go to the wrong card for that blog.  We have notified the blog hosts of the problem and they will be checking for your correct card so that you don't miss out on the draw, so you don't have to go back and fix the links you have already posted in their comment section.  But for future cards you post could you please double check the links.  If you find that the link is incorrect click out of the gallery and then back in to the card you want and the link should be OK.  Were sorry for this inconvenience, Ning is looking into the problem for us but hasn't been able to fix it yet.  Once again you don't have to worry about the ones you have already posted that may not be correct the hosts will double check them, we are only asking that you watch that the new ones you post are correct.  This will save the hosts a bit of time with having to check all of them.

Thank you ladies.
Have fun
Happy Crafting!!!

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